Friday, June 4, 2010

Discovery of the Day!

Well, Jess turned me on to this amazing place called StumbleUpon. I encourage you to check it out :)

But, that is not my great discovery of the day. My discovery of the day is....

Homemade ice cream with ONE ingredient and no need for an ice cream maker. I stumbled upon it today!

I found it on!

Now, if you don't like bananas, then my discovery is wasted on you. However, if you do, pop those suckers in the freezer and then blend them to make a snack that has the consistency of ice cream!

I am super excited about this, because now I feel like I could make myself ice cream without the hassle or a bazillion calories and tons of sugar. I don't know where bananas fall in the caloric food chain, but they have to be better than Ben and Jerry's Phish Food right??

I am ready to go out and by myself some bananas. My concern is ripeness.....what is the perfect ripeness to make this? I am also contemplating adding different things, like the author of the blog mentioned. On my mind? Chocolate chips!

I will let you all know if it is worth trying! I am hoping it will be a perfect summer snack, something cool at the end of the day!

2 thoughts:

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh this looks delicious!! I love the idea of adding chocolate chips! I must try this. Let me know if you do before me, Abby! Mmmm yum! I have no self control so I usually buy the Skinny Cow or WW individual cups of ice cream but this would be so much healthier, it wouldn't have to count as dessert ; )

June 4, 2010 at 11:14 AM
ashley said...

Oh my goodness! I currently have three bananas in my freezer AND chocolate chips! My life is complete. I'm trying this today!

I found a box of Breyer's 100 calorie ice cream bars, cups, and sandwiches for $9.99 which was pretty much the best thing ever!

This is definitely healthier! Love it. I'm with Jamie, it doesn't have to count as dessert. I will eat it for breakfast! :)

June 4, 2010 at 1:25 PM

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