Friday, May 28, 2010

Jessica Lynn

Hola! I'm a newly married, New Mexican native, but I’ve been transplanted to Georgia thanks to the United States Air Force. I’ve struggled with weight my entire life and I’m at the point where I want to be healthy and in great shape for me. It took a year to lose 10 pounds for the wedding and I gained it all back—and then some—during the honeymoon and as my husband prepared to deploy.

I’ve completed two ½ marathons and I’m currently attempting to train for my first triathlon, as well as helping my mom prepare for her first 5k. I enjoy working out and recently started taking a spin class at my gym. My husband and I have a blast cooking together in the kitchen, and since I’m a fellow Weight Watcher, most of the dishes we prepare follow the Point System.

I hope this site will keep me accountable and help me get down to my goal weight. I also blog over at Jesstagirl and her Officer if you're so inclined to read more :)

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