Support System

Has it really been almost a month since someone last updated RTBA? Eeek! Well I'll give a quick update with my progress. About seven weeks ago I rejoined Weight Watchers, and although it's been a slow process, I'm finally seeing that number inch its way down on the scale. I no longer feel completely disgusting about myself, which is great!

My husband has been my biggest supporter for trying to lose weight—not in a condensending way, but in a way that he understands I have to do this for me. He keeps me in check with the things I eat and makes sure I'm tracking everything for WW, and we go on walks with our dog and he keeps me accountable for working out during the week.

So I know it's not a huge loss, but in seven weeks I'm down 2.2 pounds. This is a slow and steady process. I know I didn't gain those twenty pounds over night, so I can't expect to shed them quickly.

How are you guys doing? Do you have a supporter helping you along with your journey?

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