Diet, workout, and body image changes

I am starting off my whole foods diet by following the Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook I went to the grocery store and bought a TON of fruits and veggies. The point of the diet is to find if you're eating any foods that you have a sensitivity to. Which can make you feel unwell in many ways, such as sinus infections, acid reflux, bowel issues, headaches, asthma, skin issues and a ton of other issues. I'm just going to see if something in my diet is what is making me get sinus infections and be regularly exhausted. It's a 28 day diet, so it's not like it's a ginormous commitment.

I've also started the 100 push-up challenge. href=" I'm starting on week three and going off of my pt test. I did better on the first test I did than I expected.

I'm also doing an ab workout that one of our cadre taught us. I'm hoping that by the time I commission, I'll be able to max the male PT test or be really close.

Not to mention running at least 3 miles each day.

And more on body image than fitness level, once I find my camera, I'm going to start taking a picture of myself everyday and journaling how I feel about myself that day. This will hopefully help reinforce in my mind that I'm being unfair to myself when I look at myself in the mirror.

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