Wednesday, July 7, 2010

210 miles in 2010!

So, I am up to 76.5 miles in 2010! I made a low estimate for January, February, and March. I started "counting" in February, when I created 101 blog, but I started writing down my miles starting in April.

My goal of 210 in 2010 is looming! I still have over half of the miles left to run, and half the year left to do it (minus 7 days!). I calculated that I have to run around 22 miles per month in order to meet my goal! It is miserably hot out, but I am getting back on track tomorrow!

One of the problems I have is my favorite route to run is only about 1.7 miles. We don't have a good two mile route, which would be my go to distance. If we don't do the 1.7 mile run, the shortest we can do without putting a ton of thought into it is 2.75. Maybe tomorrow we will set out on the 2.75 track. I can figure out what 2.25 or so would be, and walk it out if I need to! I need to start pushing my distances more!

I was also able to get some running tips from Collin, specific to my form, while I was in Little Rock. He said it looks like when I swing my arms, I swing them cross body, causing more strain to my core and more energy expended. He also said I run with my head down, which I know. I actually like NOT looking into the distance while I run, cause it makes it feel so much farther. However, when I drop my head, it drops my whole posture, which could be contributing to my back problems (which have all but gone away since I got my new BED :P).

So I am slowly getting myself on track with good running goals again. It is tough since it is so miserably hot out, and I LOATHE running at the gym. BUT, I feel better about myself when I am exercising.

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ashley said...

You rock!! Keep up the great work, Abby!

July 9, 2010 at 4:03 PM
Jessica Lynn said...

Good job! I think that's a fantastic goal for you and it's something that is absolutely achievable.

When Kenny was deployed he set a goal of running 200 miles while he was there. Well, it turns out that he ran 254 miles. (then again when he wasn't flying every other day he literally didn't have a single thing better to do than go run...)

Keep it up!!! You can do it!

July 9, 2010 at 10:23 PM

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